ul-label-printerStreamline your production workflow and keep your label cost low with our digital printers.  No more pre-printed labels!

In today’s world, brand owners must constantly innovate and get new products, more variants or more flavors to attract new and keep  existing consumers.  Compounded with a shorter product life cycle, manufacturing can get challenging without a good material and inventory management system in place.  Many organisations are unaware of the capital trapped in pre-printed labels and wastages due to obsolescence.  On top of this,  it is known that some manufacturers have to recall their products because of the wrong label!

eliminate pre-printed labels

With the advent of digital color label printing, many of our users have come to realize the many benefits that comes with a digital workflow, which includes

  1. Eliminating pre-printed labels

    • Save on managing inventory and wastage (obsolete labels). With digital printing, simplify your stockpile with just a few formats of blank label stocks.
    • No more waiting for days or weeks to get your pre-printed labels.
    • Reduce time taken to search and select the correct label, especially if you have hundreds of stock keeping units (SKUs).
    • Eliminate costly product recall caused by incorrectly printed labels.
  2. Improve your productivity and efficiency

    • Print on demand in exact quantity anytime.
    • No time consuming setup and calibration required. Print your labels with variable data (e.g. stamp date) in one step.
    • Flexibility to print labels on durable goods (UL label printing), shipping boxes and bulk packaging on a single printer.
  3. Enhance the look of your labels

    • Print sharper texts and more defined 1D & 2D barcodes – more than 4 times the resolution of typical thermal printers.
    • Print vibrant colored labels that that looks as good or better than pre-printed labels.

Please contact us to find out how you can save cost and improve your productivity at the same time.