VP495 Durable Color Label Printer

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VP495 is a versatile color label printer that delivers professional, highly durable label without lamination.

This thermal inkjet printer is designed for 4 individual color ink cartridges and print head that can easily be replaced.  The result is reliable performance with affordable ink consumables.

VP495 is suitable for printing labels for demanding applications (i.e. subjected to moist condition and UV light) like

  • Agriculture/horticulture
  • GHS (BS 5609 compliant) or CLP labels on chemical drums (up to 8.5″ label width for 500L drum)
  • Wine labels
  • Bottled water labels
  • Chemical (re-packaging) container labels



Product Features


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BS 5609 Certifications

VP495 is great for printing GHS BS 5609 labels (up to 8.5″ wide). Firstly, it requires no “cooling down” periods (esp. long duration printing) compared to many laser printers. Secondly, there is no risk of registration error (unlike 2-color thermal printer).

Finally, VP495 ink is certified for BS 5609 with Wausau 5mil white Kimdura and VIPColor PP Matte label stock.


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