About VIPColor

VIPColor Technologies has been providing innovative digital colour label printing solutions since 1998.

We engineer, build and sell printers that produce color labels for diverse applications, ranging from brilliant labels for premium retail goods to durable labels for outdoor and maritime environments.

Through the years, our industrial printers have been used in FORTUNE 500 shop floors globally. Our printers have simultaneously helped streamlined workflows, raised productivity and product quality while improving bottom lines. With the ability to print fast, on-demand and cost-effectively, we aim to bring convenience and flexibility to our small-medium enterprise clients.

Businesses challenged by a high mix of products and offerings, along with small batch jobs, find our digital solution especially compelling and value-adding.

Targeted at companies dissatisfied with the long lead-time and large print-run constraints dictated by current label delivery methods, VIPColor is dedicated to creating a new level of labeling value around packaging and identification activities.


As a member of Venture Corporation Ltd group of companies, VIPColor is part of a rapidly growing, billion-dollar organisation that is a global provider of technology services, products and solution. VIPColor is available worldwide through more than 70 channel partners and our sales offices in US, Spain, Germany, China, and Singapore.

VIPColor Technologies is a leading-edge provider of innovative solutions for the production, management and utilisation of package, product, promotion, logistic and location labels across industrial and retail supply chains. VIPColor enable onsite digital label printing for day-to-day operations. VIPColor’s application focus is on networked, shop floor batch printing of sophisticated labels to meet mass customisation and personalised packaging needs.


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