Print On-Demand

How Can Color-on-Demand Help You?

Color-on-demand printing enables your company to increase the effectiveness of your many labeling activities and create revenue generating promotional programs. Add colours, pictures and promotions to your labels with targeted messaging and content, whether distributed across your organisation or at a centralised location. Colours and images can help you overcome potential language barriers and help drive key messages across your workforce.

Expand Promotional Opportunities and Generate New Revenue

Sales increaseOn-demand printing strengthens product branding, allows you to produce private (OEM) labeling and increases promotional opportunities. It gives you the flexibility to customise your labels for targeted customer promotions and provide an additional revenue source through selling “box top” advertising space to your partners or suppliers.

Increase Supply Chain Accuracy

Quality AssuredPeople are the first, best line of defense when it comes to preventing costly errors throughout the supply chain: whether for logistics, warehousing, retail and manufacturing. Use human-friendly, colour-coded labels to clearly distinguish important information relating to an item’s size, configuration, location, expiration, priority, quantity, and other descriptive elements. Print instant, high-quality picture labels directly on your shop floor that best represents your products, making your products easily identifiable while improving your workforce productivity in the process.

VIPColor’s label printing solutions provide companies the versatility to generate in-house custom labels cost effectively in short runs. Our colour label printers enable sales growth in small, medium and big enterprises at the same time addressing inventory and cost reduction challenges.

VIPColor’s customer benefit through:

  • No setup fees
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Greater customer satisfaction with just in time labeling and short turnaround time.
  • Simplified short run, custom, or private brand label generation
  • Reduced inventory cost
  • No lead times
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Faster and more cost-effective new product releases and test marketing
  • Freed up capital that is usually tied up in preprinted label stocks.
  • Increased competitiveness with quick turnarounds of short run label print