Print durable colour labels that comply with GHS/CLP Hazardous Chemical warning label standards.

  1. GHS – CLP – Chemical: Eliminate pre-printed labels

    • Save on managing inventory and wastage (obsolete labels). With digital printing, simplify your stockpile with just a few formats of blank label stocks.
    • Reduce time taken to search and select the correct label, especially if you have hundreds of stock keeping units (SKUs).
    • Eliminate costly product recall caused by incorrectly printed labels.
  2. GHS – CLP – Chemical: Improve your productivity and efficiency

    • Print on demand in exact quantity whenever needed.
    • No time consuming setup & calibration required. Print your labels with variable data (e.g. stamp date) in one step.
    • Unlike laser printers, our inkjet printers do not require cool down periods during continuous printing. This leads to less disruptions to your production.
  3. GHS – CLP – Chemical: Print durable labels that can last for months outdoors and withstand the harsh maritime condition ( BS5609 )

    • Use our VP495 with advanced durable pigment-ink technology to produce long-lasting labels. The VP495 is BS 5609 certified, making it suitable to print labels for chemical drums that adhere to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (MDG) requirements.
    • Or, use our VP700 for labelling that do not need to meet BS5609, or won’t be used on harsh environament (like indoor uses): cleaning products, automobile chemicals, additives, paints, …

VIPColor can help you develop a printing solution for chemical industry that is cost effective and efficient. Please contact us to find out how you can save cost and improve your productivity at the same time.