Small Business

Small Business: Expand your market geographically with private labeling on bakery products, pastries, bio food, sources, honey, jam, crackers, …

You can create your own custom colour labels for:

  • bakery products like bread, buns, sweets & pastries.
  • food & beverage products like bio food, healthy products, sources, species, honey, jam and jelly, marmalade, crakers.
  1. Expand your market reach


    • Extend your product offers by adapting your packaging (labels) to the language and culture of your geographical markets.
    • Test variants of your label designs that may appeal to different demographics, segments or niches within days compared to weeks with traditional press.
    • Create customised private labels in small batches.
  2. Eliminate pre-printed labels

    • Save on managing inventory and wastage (obsolete labels). With digital printing, simplify your stockpile with just a few formats of blank label stocks.
    • No more waiting for days or weeks to get your pre-printed labels.
    • Reduce time taken to search and select the correct label, especially if you have hundreds of stock keeping units (SKUs).
    • Eliminate costly product recall caused by incorrectly printed labels.
  3. Improve your productivity and efficiency

    • Print on demand in exact quantity anytime.
    • No time consuming setup and calibration required. Print your labels with variable data (e.g. stamp date) in one step.

VIPColor can help you develop a printing solution that is cost effective and efficient for bakery products like bread, buns, pastries; or bio food, healthy products, sources, species, honey, jam and jelly, marmalade, crakers, etc.

Please contact us to find out how you can save cost on your colour labels and improve your productivity at the same time.