Label Finisher: Fastrack 3 – 250 with Cut-to-Register technology

VIPColor Colour Label Printers VP700 are becoming increasingly prominent due to their blazing speed, printing quality and cost-effectiveness. Combined with the Cut-to-Register label finisher Fastrack 3 – 250, is our response to the development of the digital roll to roll label print industry.


The biggest problem for any prospective buyer is, or as a matter of fact “was”, cutting out printed labels and their finishing processing. Now, everyone who wishes to enter the world of digital on-demand printing, at least expects identical printing capacity, simple operation, and flexibility regarding order delivery.


– now your digital printed job can look really professional. Laminate, die cutting, waste remove and slitting in only one pass.
– the label finisher Fastrack 3 – 250 with intelligent sensors guarantee extreme cutting precision, and recognize the gap between printed labels or black marks.
– all you need is flexible dies to save your time and money.

You can cut labels that are up to 420 mm in length. Change the magnetic blades/dies in just a few seconds!!


In-line or Off-Line mode with our VP700 Colour Label Printer :  Easy to set-up cut out at the same speed as you print on VP700 (up to 18 M/min), or even higher speed on in-line mode.

Cut & laminate printed labels :  Fastrack III enables you to cut and laminate printed labels on VIPColor VP700 Colour Label Printer. Thanks to that, you can expand the markets & project that you can approach with VP700 printer.

All blank labels – one cylinder :  You can forget about the need to purchase dozen diameters of magnetic cylinders. Now you will become the greatest competitor on the market!!!
Changing the size of labels? Set up the die in just 30 seconds.



Download Brochure (PDF)