VP700 Industrial Colour Label Printer

VP700-productdescVP700 colour label printer

The VP700 colour label printer is our bestselling industrial colour label printer ever!

Powered by Memjet Inkjet Technology, the VP700 colour label printer prints high quality labels at blazing speed. It’s not only easy to use but delivers the lowest total cost of ownership for printer of its class.

VP700 Benefits At A Glance:

  • iconblue Lower Cost – 3 to 5x lower than Digital (mini) Press.
  • icongreen Low Cost per Label – 1/2 of low end desktop printers.
  • icon_yellow Compact – Fits on desktop and in the production line.
  • icongray High PQ – Crisp text, barcodes and brilliant color at 1,600 dpi. Suitable for Asian fonts/characters.
  • iconred Fast Setup and Turnaround

Whether you are a brand owner, a label converter or a print house, the VP700 colour label printer empowers you to print labels on demand and in exact quantity needed.  The VP700 is excellent for Build-to-order/Build-on-demand supply management where there are hundreds of product variants and offerings including private labels.

Printing at 12ips, you can print thousands of labels literally in minutes!  Large 250ml individual ink tanks reduce frequent need for ink replenishment.

The VP700 is ruggedly built with high grade steel making it suitable for use in a production environment.

From SOHO, Small-Medium enterprises, up to Big Companies: the VP700 colour label printers will fit in your demand of colour labels.

The best solution for colour labels for the chemical products / CLP; additives & oils; pastries, buns & bakery products; sweets & candies; food & preserves; snacks & sandwiches; hardware & tools, faucets & bathroom equipment; wine & beverage; essential oil & aromas; candles; coffee & tea; honey & jam, mermalade & jellies; and many other applications.


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Revolutionary Thermal Inkjet Technology on our VP700 Colour Label Printer


Please visit Memjet Technologies to learn more about Memjet advanced Inkjet technology.

If you are in Food & Beverage industry, check out how Memjet ink formula meets safety requirements here.

Crisp Text, Fine Barcode & Gorgeous Graphics on Inkjet coated paper and synthetic labels on our VP700 Colour Label Printer