Logistics and Inventory Management

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logisticsTransform your pallet labels, warehouse labels, and shipping labels. Use color coded labeling to improve your logistics and inventory management.

  1. Improve productivity

    • Create color-coded pallet and warehouse labels to assist in inventory management – these labels make it easy to find products and make sure they are in the right place.
    • Supplement your product labels with color information and graphics to improve identification and location of goods while reducing shipment errors at the same time.
    • Help your retailers locate and retrieve your products in often packed warehouses and storerooms. Improving their respond time to waiting customers.
  2. Market your brand

    • Display your company logo the way it should be – in full corporate colors.
    • Incorporate professional images of your product instead of plain outlines. Do justice to the hours spent on your product design and creation.
    • Integrate with your marketing program – Educate your buyers about your company and product portfolio, and create cross-selling opportunities with user-friendly QR code.
  3. Enhance the readability of your labels

    • Print sharper texts and more defined 1D & 2D barcodes – more than 4 times the resolution of typical thermal printers.


VIPColor can help you develop a printing solution that is cost effective and efficient. Please contact us to find out how you can save cost and improve your productivity at the same time.