Accessories – Unwinders & Rewinders

Un-winder / Re-winder Accessories for VP700 

The MCH (Motorized Core Holder) series of un-winder/re-winder accessories are optimized for performance when used with the VP700.

Ruggedly designed, the MCH series can handle large roll (350mm or 13.8” OD) with label width up to 240mm or 9.4″.



products Accessories label rewinderUnwinder / Rewinder for VP4x5

The VIPColor VP4x5 rewinder/unwinder handles label stock up to 220mm (8.6″) wide and up to 250mm (10″) OD with a core OD of 76mm (3″).

Each rewinder/unwinder is mounted on a sturdy base plate with 2 slots that help with perfect printer alignment. The unit also features a built-in buzzer that alert the user to replace the label stock when it runs out.