Comparison – VIPColor Label Printers

Which Printer Works Best for You? This Comparison Chart Will Help you Choose the Right Product to Meet your Needs.

This comparison shows the differences between the VP700, VP495, and VP485 color label printers.

VP700 Page VP495 Page VP485 Page


Following are additional notes and key differences:

  • The VP495 uses pigment-based ink, while the VP485 and VP700 use dye-based ink.
  • Only the VP495 is suitable for GHS labels that meet BS-5609 certification requirements. Both pigment ink and special approved BOPP (polypropylene) label media are required for BS-5609 certified labels.
  • The VP700 prints at a resolution of 1600 x 1600 DPI, while the VP485 and VP495 print at a resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI.
  • The VP700 prints at speeds up to 12 IPS (inches per second). This is 3 times faster than the fastest print speed for the VP495 and VP485.
  • The VP700 has large ink cartridges, containing 250mL of ink each, and a lower cost per L of ink than the VP485 and VP495, which have cartridges containing between 28mL-69mL of ink.
  • All VIPColor printers work with label rolls and fan fold label stock (the VP700 requires a special modification for fan-fold media compatibility). The VP485 and VP495 also work with sheets of labels.
  • All VIPColor printers have sensors to detect labels with gaps (in between labels) and black marks (on the back of the liner). Continuous rolls of media can also be used.
  • VIPColor printer drivers are compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems. They are not compatible with Apple operating systems, like OS X.