Stand out from the competition with attractive craft beer labels

Consumers love attractive beer labels as much as they love beer

Research has shown that 70% of craft beer consumers pick which beer to try when they’re in the store. When asked of their deciding factor, they said brews with interesting or bold packaging. Inherently, a crucial part of your sales is determined by the appearances of your craft beers.

How to beat the competition?

The craft beer market is getting increasingly competitive as the market expands. As such, there is a compelling need to differentiate your brews from your competitors and the solution to this lies within your beer labels.

Needless to say, you need to design custom labels for your brews which are captivating enough to draw attention. A common practice amongst numerous breweries is to experiment with different designs and materials. Such practice allows you to test out various designs to find out which design drives the most sales. A tip from us is that studies have shown that packaging that shines or gleams are generally preferred as they give a perception of value.

A popular marketing technique would be to have seasonal flavors and seasonal packaging. An example of seasonal products would be pumpkin spice flavored products in fall and consumers would flock to purchase them. Such limited edition or premium products are very enticing to consumers as it sparks their interests.

How to materialize my designs?

“Can or glass bottle?” In the US, we see a recent shift towards cans due to their properties and benefits. Canned beers are lighter and less fragile making them easier and more cost-efficient in terms of transport. In addition, cans are able to maintain the freshness of beer for a longer period of time.

However, most craft beer breweries do not have the scale or budget to meet the minimum quantity required for direct-to-can printing. As such, most breweries have taken to digital label printing of shrink labels and adhesive labels to label their cans. The best labeling solution for craft breweries is to get your own label printer to print your own custom beer labels. Below are the top 2 reasons why you should print your own labels.

Save time as you get your labels printed instantly with minimal lead time

  • No more waiting time wasted in processing and shipping your beer labels
  • Print your labels whenever you need it

Save money and increase your profit margin

  • Never feel pressured to fulfill the minimum order quantity quoted by vendors
  • Print any design you want, at any quantity
  • No more excess labels and no more excess costs
  • Lower cost per print To know more about the advantages of in-house label printing, we have compiled a guide for you – The 7 Benefits of Digital Labels.

We have the right printer for your beer label printing needs

Introducing VIPColor’s VP750, and here are some of its key features:

  1. Rapid printing speed of 12 inches per second to help you cope with high demands during the festive seasons.
  2. Enhanced Water Resistance Printing technology which is suitable for chilled food & beverages and most moisture exposed products.
  3. Vivid image resolution as high as 1,600 dots per inches.
  4. Dye ink technology which produces vibrant prints to create the most captivating labels.
  5. Individual ink tanks which reduces the frequency of replacement and eliminates cost and waste related to tri-color ink cartridges

Be creative and design your own beer labels today! Let us help by sending you free samples printed by our VP750 and we will gladly assist you.