VP700 spices up Barzi Brands labels in rich full color

VP700 spices up Barzi brands labels in rich full color

When our customer Ingredients Corp. of Memphis, TN contacted us with a need to take control of their color label printing process, we responded with our then VP2020 color label printer.

That was way back in 2009 and although much has changed since then, we are happy and proud to share that Ingredients Corp. continues to be a valued customer and has enjoyed 3 generations of VIPColor Technologies color label printer solutions.

Fast forwarding to the present, some of the legacy printers are still in use with the most recent addition of our most popular model the VP700.

The VP700 color label printer with its compact desktop design, media flexibility and high resolution ensures that Ingredients Corp. labels will be produced in the highest quality, in the exact quantities needed and when they need them with practically zero waste.

This has allowed them to address their ever growing labelling needs in real time across the various products lines they manufacture. If you haven’t tried their delicious spices and sauces, please visit their website at; www.barzibrand.com

About Barzi Brand: Barzi Brand was initially a small specialty food manufacturer called Barzi Foods.

Barzi Foods began as a small retail store in downtown Memphis by two brothers, Frank and Eugene Barizizza, called Barizizza Brothers in the 1920’s. Barizizza Brothers began to sell Italian foods under the Barzi name.

The business grew and was passed to Frank’s sons.

In the 1970’s, the retail store was closed, and the wholesale business merged with a larger company. Barzi Foods continued as a distributor to high end grocery stores.

In 2005, Ingredients Corporation of America, a Memphis company, bought Barzi Foods and continued to offer many of the products that have become favorites.

With the demand for the specialty brand, ICA decided to resurrect the popular food line and increase it for the global market.