Why use VIPColor genuine inks?

Thermal Inkjet printing technologies are highly complex. 

There are five components that must work seamlessly together to achieve the best print quality consistently.  Namely

    1. The printhead and ink delivery system
    2. Ink formula
    3. Print media (Work best with inkjet coated label stock)
    4. Paper feeding and transport mechanism
    5. Software that controls the printing

When it comes to the inks, the formulation must

    1. Not clog the nozzles easily.
    2. Be color vibrant to reflects skin tones naturally, deliver bright colors vividly, and in-between shades that are subtly expressive.
    3. Non-corrosive.  So that the inks do not damage the delicate printhead nozzles and shorten the life of the printhead.
    4. Non-toxic.  

Third-party inks can cause colors to fade faster or labels to curl due to incompatibility.

Hence, these explain why you must use genuine inks for your VIPColor printer for the best print quality and printer performance.  

Inferior third party inks can damage your printer! 

Corrosive or large dye ink pigment or particles can clog/dry on the printhead nozzles.  You will observe this after a few days of printing (or even when you are not using the printer). Your prints will have streak(s) or color inconsistency from one label to another.

Hence, why risk paying for repairs, replacing the expensive printhead and void printer warranty over a false sense of less costly inks? 

Furthermore, think of the impacts to your business if your printer is down in production.


How do you identify genuine inks from VIPColor?

Sometimes, it may not be easy to distinguish the difference in packaging without examining the minute details. 

How do you know if you are getting the real deal?

Firstly, always buy VIPColor branded ink cartridges from our authorized resellers or from whom you purchased your printer.

If you purchase your ink cartridges online, please take note that genuine ink cartridges from VIPColor will have the same physical design, as shown on the right. 

The cartridge will have the following,

  1. Ink cartridge descriptor on the label:  VIPColor logo, the printer model , ink cartridge color and ink capacity,
    • VP600/VP500 (200ml)
    • VP650/VP550 (200ml)
    • VP700/VP610 (250ml)
    • VP750/VP660 (250ml)
  2. Serialized number.  No two cartridges have the same number.
  3. It has an embossed “Powered by Memjet” logo at the bottom right of the cartridge.


Identify genuine VIPColor ink cartridge

VIPColor ink cartridges have other features that third-party cartridges lack, 

  • Ink level prism to detect an empty cartridge.  Inks must be circulating in the printer tubing at all times to prevent the printhead from firing dry.  That will result in a damaged printhead and costly replacement.  Counterfeit or third party ink cartridge usually fails here.
  • High quality filter to ensure that the inks are free from contaminants before it enters the printhead. Such contaminants can clog the tiny nozzles (Note: Memjet VERSAPASS printhead used in all VIPColor printers has 70,400 nozzles) and results in print artifacts like streaks.
  • Enclosure designed and built to prevent an ink leak.  Third-party ink cartridges may be constructed with cheap materials to save cost and are not thoroughly tested to prevent an ink leak.

If you are in doubt as to whether you are getting genuine VIPColor ink cartridges, please consult our authorized resellers or contact us for help.