Grab consumers’ attention with unique label for creative retail packaging

Every year, thousands of new private label retail brands are launched and compete for shelf space in the supermarket chains.

An uniquely designed and packaged product draws attention.

Most importantly, the packaging plays a significant role to motivate the consumer to try.  This is a daunting marketing endeavor that requires a few rounds of refinement.

Large FMCG companies or national brands have the benefits of having more marketing resources to promote the new product.  Even with that, success is never guaranteed.

On the other hand, small-medium enterprises must be more creative to reach the same objective with a limited marketing budget.

Having the ability to print professional looking color labels in-house can help in many ways especially with VP600, VP700 and VP750 color label printer,

Use VIPColor label printer for retail labels

Executing new creatives fast

  • Print professional retail labels that surpass the quality of pre-printed labels.
  • Test new label designs for different demographics & markets within days.  Brand owners and designers can see how the label look exactly – no mock-ups and make refinements fast.  This helps shorten the creative development phase.  This helps reduce both cost and time to market significantly.
  • Design labels for marketing A/B tests to find that packaging that appeals most to the targeted markets.

Reduce wastage

  • Print labels for market trial prior to mass production.
  • Run batch labels for promotion without the hassle of managing pre-printed labels.

Expand your market reach with retail labels

  • Extend your product offers by modifying your retail labels to the language and culture of your geographical markets.
  • Test variants of your label designs that may appeal to different demographics, segments or niches within days, not weeks.
  • Serve the private label market (e.g. Grocery store label, Amazon FBA) to get market share and volume, while building customer loyalty to the private label itself.