Cosmetic labels when purposefully designed can evoke consumers’ emotions and create desire for your product

Your cosmetic labels help consumers distinguish between brands, as well as to identify an eye shadow, lip stick or face cream.

With catchy graphics, your product labels can encourage consumers to try your product. Subsequently leading to a purchase.

The concept sounds simple.  However, cosmetics sold in the US must comply with labeling guidelines created by FDA (Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act)

That means the following information must be on cosmetic labels,

    • Name and type of product
    • Brand name and possibly some imagery
    • Net quantity of contents
    • Name and place of the business
    • List of ingredients
    • Lot and batch numbers for trace-ability

With the growing popularity of white labeling and online sales, you are to comply with the local labeling laws as well.  Consequently, mislabeling a product can lead to heavy fines to the brand owner.

That’s where digital label printing can greatly help private label cosmetic manufacturers.  Our commercial label printers offer,

Private labeling of cosmetics label is widespread
Cosmetic package template design, elegant packaging set with labels. 3D illustration.

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Raise productivity & efficiency

  • Print your product labels on demand. In exact quantity whenever needed.
  • No time consuming setup and calibration required.
  • No MOQ for pre-printed labels.  Or wasted product labels for slow moving products obsoleted by changes in FDA or local labeling laws.
  • Correct a labeling mistake just by correcting the artwork and re-printing again.
  • Handle more products, variants in small batch order with ease.

Executing new creatives fast

  • Print professional labels that surpass the quality of pre-printed labels within minutes.
  • Test new label designs for different demographics & markets within days.  Brand owners and designers can see how the label looks exactly – no mock-ups and make refinements fast. This helps shorten the creative development phase, reduces both cost and time to market significantly.
  • Create private labels or custom cosmetic labels easily.  Keep up with the latest market trends in FMCG marketing.  


Compliant with safety standards

  • Create cosmetic product labels that comply with FDA and overseas labeling guidelines governing cosmetic products especially for online sellers (or private label cosmetic manufacturers). 

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