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How to win more businesses for co-packers

For co-packers, winning or losing a business boils down to how fast they can respond and deliver their products to their customers. In most cases, the bottleneck is not with production but with the product labeling. Given that the product label is the silent salesperson on the retail shelves, no sales happen without it! Furthermore, […]

Manger Packaging Corp Shared How VP750 Color Label Printer has Spiced Up their Business

Manger Packaging uses VP750 color label printer to help improve their business

Alvin Manger from Manger Packaging Corp shared his thoughts on the VP750 color label printer.  Specifically, how it helped improve his business: We love our VP750 label printer. Its speed, flexibility and high quality color printing capabilities has helped us grow our business and reach new customers. We consider our VIPColor printer one of our […]

VP700 spices up Barzi Brands labels in rich full color

VP700 spices up Barzi brands labels in rich full color

When our customer Ingredients Corp. of Memphis, TN contacted us with a need to take control of their color label printing process, we responded with our then VP2020 color label printer. That was way back in 2009 and although much has changed since then, we are happy and proud to share that Ingredients Corp. continues […]

Espeez Candy grew their business exponentially with VP700

Fred Scharar, Espeez Candy VP of sales shared how VIPColor VP700 Color Label Printer has helped Espeez Candy expanded their business exponentially within a short period of time. With the VP700, Espeez Candy has the flexibility to expand their product offerings by printing product labels on-demand without being bogged down by keeping a huge stock […]