VP700 helps improve Muscle Foods product labels quality

Muscle food product labels printed by VP700

When “Muscle Man Tony” of Muscle Foods, a manufacturer of high quality dietary supplements, came by our booth at Pack Expo in Las Vegas last year, he laid down the challenge asking us to help him improve the print quality of his labels.

He handed over a beautifully designed protein powder product label that he took great pride in and felt his current label printer wasn’t producing as much detail as the graphic designer had intended.

We took on the challenge and produced our first round of samples on the show floor and presented them to Tony. He looked them over with a look on his face that wasn’t very reassuring to us, almost suggesting that we too didn’t meet his expectations.

Rather than leave things to chance we requested that Tony come by the next day with a hard copy sample of his product label to use as a reference.

Stunning Looking Product Labels Straight From the Printer 

On Day 2, Tony came by with his label sample and we resumed the challenge.

After a few color iterations to his surprise not only did we have better print quality, better image definition, we also had richer, deeper densities especially in the deep purples which is the main color in his label design.

Tony was so impressed with how much detail we were holding compared to his current label printer that he was smiling from ear to ear and said “I’m buying this printer!”

supplement food labels by muscle food look impressive

Tony bought our VP700 and remained in contact and every now and then drops us a text or email saying how happy he is with our printer.

About 3 weeks ago Tony reached out again and said “I need another printer to keep up with my production.”

He ordered his 2nd VP700 Color Label Printer to keep up with his products growing demand. He also hinted he might be ordering a 3rd very soon.

Last week we ran into Tony at Label Expo in Chicago and he exclaimed “I love your printers!” Tony hung out at the booth long enough for a quick photo before heading out to see the rest of the show. It’s a tremendously satisfying feeling when you are able to help a customer improve the quality, look and feel of their products.

It’s also great seeing them and continue to hear how happy they are with the solution they purchased from your company.

If you would like to challenge us with optimizing your label print quality like Tony did, please contact us today.