7 important reasons why you should print your own labels

VP600 VP700 VP750 color label printer uses Memjet ink that is safe for indirect food contact labels

Digital labels are increasingly popular in the last decade.

However, many businesses are still unaware of digital labels and are outsourcing their product labels. This works well for operations that mass produce their products and has only a limited product offering.  In a high mix and low volume production environment, outsourcing is neither time nor cost efficient.

Today, the process of creating and printing digital labels is very similar to office printing with label printers.  More startups and companies are able to bring label printing in-house.

Fret not if you have not hopped on the bandwagon. This will be a great guide for you to gain insights on the advantages of on-demand label printing.

Print any labels you want when you need them

Label printing services usually requires a Minimum Order Quantity.

Many businesses end up having excess labels. This translates to tied up capital and potential obsolescence in the case of non-FMCG.  The problem builds up if you have many product SKUs.

With your own digital label printer, you can print exactly what you need – no excess and no heartache.

Make changes to your labels, whenever, wherever

The federal and state government’s legislation can change that impact the way you labeling your products. (E.g. FDA nutrition label guideline, cannabis label guideline)  In order to keep up with these regulations, it makes perfect sense to print your own labels to gain control over your labeling process.

Reduce your delivery lead time and cut overhead cost

The process of ordering labels can be painful and delivery can be in days or even weeks. However, labels could be readily available at your fingertips if you have your own color label printer.

Apart from the time involved in ordering and managing labels, it generates overhead costs that can be avoided.

Hasten time-to-market for new products.

Do not miss any opportunity to obtain first-mover advantages from your newly launched products.  Create and print your product labels instantly and launch your products in the market before anyone else does.

Greater savings and wider profit margins with lower cost per label

Short label runs due to seasonal packaging or fluctuating demands may incur high cost per label.  Having your own digital label printer could enable you to generate relatively cheap labels which lead to greater profit margins.

Create custom labels of varying barcodes, images, text etc

With the wide range of products your business has to offer, you need different labels for each product.  Perhaps new flavors are launched occasionally, new food labels have to be generated for better identification of the new product.

Satisfy customer’s labeling requirements for greater customer satisfaction

Major customers are important and thus it is crucial to keep them satisfied. Simple changes like changing your product labels and packaging to satisfy their labeling and packaging requirements is a low-cost implementation. This is a service you could provide to secure your big spenders. Establishment of customer loyalty is very profitable in the long run.

Gives you the option to private-label your products for others

Some customers might be interested in reselling your products in their brand name.  Thus, you could simply charge a price premium by changing the labels to their brand labels.

Support marketing A/B tests

In order to stay competitive, consider constantly redesigning your packaging to capture the interests of your target consumers. Through having your own digital label printer, you can print varying numbers of label designs. Hence, you can easily test which of the designs drive more sales without worrying about MOQ.