The six types of labeling that a color label printer can help your business. Some may come as a surprise.

Color label printers are applicable in all industries. Here are some of the most common applications;

Product labeling:

Color label printers are popular in food and beverage, chemicals, and dietary supplement because of their broad product range, small production batches, and mandatory regulatory compliance that characterize these markets.

The high-quality printing capabilities of color label printers bring eye-catching labels to life and help products pop from the retail shelf.

Packaging and shipping labels:

Color label printers are well suited to print variable information like barcodes, product information, production batch, expiry date, and shipping addresses.

GHS labeling:

Many industries, such as chemical manufacturing, co-packing, and healthcare, must comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

Color label printers can produce GHS-compliant labels with hazard pictograms and other required information.

Companies can avoid stocking a large inventory of pre-printed labels with each label type depicting different hazard pictograms based on the chemical composition. That also means eliminating waste from unused labels.

Event and ticket printing:

Color label printers can produce tickets, wristbands, and other event-related materials.

They are handy for custom branding and promotional materials.

Asset tagging:

Color label printers produce durable, high-quality labels for asset tagging because of their capability to code variable information like serial numbers and equipment specifications efficiently.

Inventory tracking, sorting, and logistics:

Color-label printers produce color-coded barcodes that enable accessible warehouse sorting and searching of products, parts, and supplies.

This flexibility helps businesses streamline inventory management processes and improve efficiency. Watch a case study.

Overall, color label printers are incredibly flexible to use.

Hence, consider printer options for print width, speed, and color reproducibility when buying a printer. 

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