Why are small businesses shifting away from pre-printed labels?

Color label printers are gaining popularity among small businesses in recent years because they offer options and flexibility over pre-printed labels.

Business owners may have several reasons to complain about pre-printed labels,

Lack of customization

Pre-printed labels typically have fixed designs, sizes, and shapes.

Limited flexibility

When modifying product information (ingredient lists or barcodes), necessitates reprinting a new batch of labels.

Minimum order requirements

Pre-printed labels often require a minimum order quantity. As a business expands its product portfolio, the labeling cost will increase exponentially.

Inventory management

Businesses need to maintain an inventory of labels that can be challenging to manage.

Furthermore, businesses may need to dispose of pre-printed labels that are no longer required, resulting in wasted resources and expenses.


Pre-printed labels include setup, design, and printing fees. All these add up fast, especially for small businesses with many products.

Turnaround time

Pre-printed labels require production time. That means the lead time can delay/disrupt your product delivery schedule.


Unlike before, the consumer market is trending to a shorter product life cycle, more variety, and lean production. All these factors drive businesses to explore printing labels in-house.

If these are the same issues that plague you, it is time to consider a better alternate labeling workflow or solution.

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