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Marketing effectively with custom water bottle label

Water bottle with customized bottle label

Many people drink bottled water at least once a week. Do you realize that water bottle label can also be a cost-effective method to promote your brand in events? Water bottle labels are great marketing tools as bottled water is usually consumed during and after the event.  It is your “traveling” name card. Therefore, you […]

7 important reasons why you should print your own labels

VP600 VP700 VP750 color label printer uses Memjet ink that is safe for indirect food contact labels

Digital labels are increasingly popular in the last decade. However, many businesses are still unaware of digital labels and are outsourcing their product labels. This works well for operations that mass produce their products and has only a limited product offering.  In a high mix and low volume production environment, outsourcing is neither time nor […]

Never be caught off guard by changing medical cannabis labels again

On 1 July 2018, FDA made immediate regulatory changes to the labeling and packaging of medical cannabis. Stakeholders of the marijuana industry find themselves scrambling to respond as their inventories of pre-printed labels are no longer usable.  Furthermore, the authorities have prohibited the sales of incorrectly labelled cannabis products. Thus, many owners are now searching […]

Stand out from the competition with attractive craft beer labels

Consumers love attractive beer labels as much as they love beer Research has shown that 70% of craft beer consumers pick which beer to try when they’re in the store. When asked of their deciding factor, they said brews with interesting or bold packaging. Inherently, a crucial part of your sales is determined by the […]

Never fall short on GHS chemical label compliance again

Pallet of chemical drums showing where GHS chemical labels are found

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is a system designed to standardize classification of chemicals and hazard communication elements which were previously inconsistent. This set of guidelines aims to prevent threats towards human health and the environment by creating a widely understood labelling system that ensures safe use and handling of […]

Spice up coffee sales this fall with custom coffee labels

Dutch Colony Coffee uses VP700 to print coffee bag labels

Fall is approaching and you are expecting your coffee sales to rise as the weather turns cold in about a month’s time. However, the coffee industry is competitive and your coffee would have to stand out amongst your competitors. Having a coffee label that appeals to your consumers would entice them to choose your roast […]

Add value to your businesses by adding color to your labels

Better sales with product packaging with better color scheme The power of colors is just incredible. Different colors signify different things even if we don’t think about them consciously. Thus, it is essential that brand owners pick the correct color schemes that strengthen their brand image and convey the right message. According to the seven […]