COVID-19 could make or break your business

eCommerce business blooms. COVID-19 can make or break your business

The world is beginning to feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Many countries are taking tougher social distancing measures to help flatten the rate of infection.  The result is more people are working from home and staying home. 

This has cripple businesses.

Some experts predict that the COVID-19 situation will last until year end.

Having said that, some businesses are in fact thriving. 

According to a recent poll conducted by Klaviyo (a provider of email and SMS marketing automation for ecommerce), online retail businesses are blooming – initially in the essentials like food, supplements and medical supplies categories.  It is now shifting to new essentials,

  • Toys and hobbies
  • Pet food
  • Health and fitness
  • Beauty and cosmetics
  • Housewares
  • Hardware/home improvement
  • Sporting goods

And even niche-essentials like alcohol and cannabis products are emerging. 

This trend is expected to continue for weeks, if not months. 

If that’s your business in providing the essentials or one of these new-essential, then you do not want to lose sales momentum because of delays in getting your product labels. 

Depending on your state’s restrictions, your neighborhood/regular label service providers may be overwhelmed by backlogs due to staff telecommuting. 

During this unprecedented time, getting full control of your label printing needs is essential.

The solution is to print your own product labels in-house

At VIPColor Technologies, we offer the VP6xx series fast color label printers. These printers are designed for high performance but yet priced within the reach of most small businesses.

Both the VP600 and VP650 compact desktop printer sports similarly benefits,

  1. High definition vibrant colored labels. With prints at 1600 x 1600 dpi – the highest in the market, it is great for graphics, crisp text and fine barcodes.
  2. High speed printing. Get 1,000 6″ x 4” labels printed within 10 minutes. That means printing 1 to 10,000 labels with these printers to meet peak demand is no problem.
  3. Low ink cost. With large 200 ml individual ink cartridges, you only replace the depleted ink cartridge as needed. And less frequently compared with entry printers with either tiny 20-30 ml/cartridge or expensive Tri-color single cartridge.
  4. Flexibility with digital label. Prints label variants is a breeze. Just design new labels and print.  This helps you with intimate communication with your consumer about your brand, incorporate social cause messaging or target specific consumers into your packaging and more. 

With the VP650, you get the extra benefit of water-resistant labels.

Request for our VP600/VP650 label sample packs or call us for more information today.