Marketing effectively with custom water bottle label

Water bottle with customized bottle label

Many people drink bottled water at least once a week.

Do you realize that water bottle label can also be a cost-effective method to promote your brand in events?

Water bottle labels are great marketing tools as bottled water is usually consumed during and after the event.  It is your “traveling” name card.

Therefore, you can hand out your own branded water bottle to boost brand awareness.  Get creative with promotions, contests or other means to engage your target market.  You could use trade shows, festivals, and marathons to get maximum brand exposure and prospects for your business.

Print your own water bottle labels

The dilemma to print or outsource the printing of your water bottle labels might surface. However, outsourcing sounds good in theory but lacks efficiency in practice.

If you were to outsource your label printing, vendors might have a Minimum Order Quantity to carry out your request.

The nature of such advertisements is that it is usually one-off thus excess labels only leads to wastage.

Another key point to note is the lead time involved when you outsource your water bottle label printing.

Time is spent on processing and shipping your labels, which are susceptible to delays, thus you might miss the event.

Every event is an opportunity for you to promote your brand and gain more customers. So why should you miss any opportunity by outsourcing your label printing?

Printing your own water bottle labels is the most reliable solution as you have control over the whole labeling process.

You can design the most eye-catching water bottle labels and print any amount labels as and when you need it. All you need is to have your very own color label printer and we have the perfect one for you – VIPColor VP750 color label printer.

VP750 is the next generation of digital color label printer with enhanced water resistance printing technology.

This latest technology is suited for chilled food and beverages. Apart from its outstanding water resistant properties, the dye ink technology used produces vibrant color labels.

These qualities will definitely increase the attractiveness of your water bottle labels.

If you would like to have a feel of the quality of the water bottle labels from VP750, please request for free samples and we will be glad to accede to your request.