Never be caught off guard by changing medical cannabis labels again

On 1 July 2018, FDA made immediate regulatory changes to the labeling and packaging of medical cannabis. Stakeholders of the marijuana industry find themselves scrambling to respond as their inventories of pre-printed labels are no longer usable.  Furthermore, the authorities have prohibited the sales of incorrectly labelled cannabis products. Thus, many owners are now searching for a quick cannabis labeling solution to maintain their business operation.

Here are some of the highlights of the change in regulations:

  • Packaging has to be child-proof, tamper evident, resealable containers
  • Packaging must include extra warnings to remind you to keep your cannabis products away from children.

Fret not as you may request for free label samples printed on our printers for your consideration at the end of this blog.

We have the perfect answer for this tight situation – getting your own color label printer

That’s right, you could get your own color printer and be in control of the situation. Regulations are bound to be revised, and the best solution is to keep up with these changes.

The change in labeling standards would lead to a rise in demand for label printing services and print shops tackling large amounts of label printing requests.

This raises a few issues – too many labels and lead time. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is needed when you outsource your printing but this results in wastage as you buy more than what is necessary. In addition, you need time to process and deliver your order.

In recent years, we see that medical cannabis becoming increasingly recognized for its benefits. Thus, different types of cannabis and cannabis products are created due to the increasing demand. Furthermore, each state has their own labeling requirements for marijuana products. As such, there is need for a larger variety of product labels.

If you are planning to expand your business, you should consider getting your own printer to do away with lead time and wastage of labels.

Good news, we have the best labeling solution for your cannabis labeling needs – VP750 printer.

You can now get your digital labels printed at a rapid speed of 12 inches per second with VIPColor VP750 & VP700 color label printer as well as the slightly slower (8 inches per second) VP600. The color labels printed can even reach a high image resolution of 1,600 drops per inch. Your custom product labels will be looking as vibrant even in most moisture exposed environment with our latest Enhanced Water Resistance Printing technology. It is indeed the printer for your all labeling needs. With that said, please contact us for free samples to see the amazing quality of its printed labels.