You need to know seven things about using the correct label stock for your color label printer.

Selecting the correct label stock for your color label printer is important

That ensures that your prints are high-quality and durable.

Here are seven considerations,


The label material must be compatible with your color label printer.

The most common label materials include paper, polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene.

You need to select a material that is durable and suitable for the intended use of the label. For example, for chilled/refrigerated food, use a synthetic label stock as opposed to paper.


Ensure that your label adheres to the surface where the label is applied. Self-adhesive labels are available with different bonding strengths – permanent, removable, or high-tack.

Furthermore, you need to consider the temperature range your products will be subjected to during their lifecycle from production to consumption. Beware that some label peels off at a low temperature.

Size and Shape:

Most color label printers can handle continuous or die-cut labels up to a specific width.

Therefore, be sure to select one that allows you to print up to the maximum size of your labels.

Print quality:

The label stock should match the ink/toner for high-quality prints.

It is important to note that each printer brand uses different ink chemistry – there are dye or pigment-based inks for inkjet. As the result, you may expect color reproduction and sharpness differences if you use the same label stock on a different printer brand.


Consider the durability requirements of the label.

Labels exposed to moisture, chemicals, or sunlight may require a more durable material or coating that prevents them from fading, smearing, or peeling over time.


Labels that experience extreme cold or hot climates may require a material more resistant to temperature extremes.

Similarly, labels used in dusty or dirty environments may require a more abrasion-resistant material.

Regulatory requirements:

If you deal with food, medical, or hazardous material labeling, you may need certified label stock that complies with regulatory requirements.

Depending on your application needs, we strongly recommend printing label samples from your label stock supplier before buying in bulk.

We will gladly advise you on the correct label stock that works best for your application using our printers.

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