How to choose a color label printer like a professional

These are your seven tips for selecting a color label printer,

 Printing volume

Consider a high-speed printer if you need hundreds or thousands of labels daily.

Entry-level color label printers typically cost between $1,500 and $3,000. They are usually 6-12x slower than higher-performance printers.

Printers like the VIPColor VP700/600/500 series can print 1,000 4×3″ labels within 10min, which translates to higher productivity and less waiting time than entry-level printers.

Furthermore, entry-level printers have small ink tanks (15 – 50ml capacity). Depending on your print volume, you will have more disruptive downtime for ink replacements throughout the day.

The ink replacement frequency directly correlates to your label design’s graphic density.

Businesses can invest in multiple-entry printers to keep up with their production needs.

However, you may increase your overall cost, maintenance needs, and reduced productivity compared to one higher-performance printer.

Label Size

Consider the size of the labels you need to print.

Many color printers can print small labels up to 4 inches wide.

However, large format label printers, like the VP700/600/500 series, can print up to 8.5 inches.

This feature allows you to print large carton box shipping and product labels.

You can also multiply the number of labels using a multi-up label design (e.g., having two 4″ labels spanning across the print zone instead of one)

Label Material

Consider the material of the labels you need to print.

Inkjet color label printers can print on paper and synthetic (PE, PP & Vinyl) inkjet-coated materials, which cost more than non-coated materials.

On the other hand, laser/toner-based printers can print on cheaper non-coated media but are more susceptible to media jams.

Laser printing requires heat to melt the toner particles that bond to the media surface with pressure. When in continuous printing, heat builds up. Over time, the excessive heat can deform the labels or even melts the glue on the self-adhesive labels.

Sometimes, you may have difficulty removing the glue from the printing zone. In the worst case, you may need to service your equipment.

The laser technology is unsuitable for printing textured paper materials like that commonly found in winery labels.

Printing Quality

Consider purchasing a high-resolution printer if you print prime (Decorative Brand) labels instead of information (Text) labels.

The higher resolution (measured in dot/inch or dpi) allows for sharper, finer, more rich color tones important to a high-quality image.


Consider the connectivity options that the printer offers.

If you share the printer in a network, choose one that supports Ethernet and USB.

You may consider Wi-Fi an option, which is good only if you print from a dedicated laptop or PC.


Consider the operating cost of the printer over its lifespan, which includes

  • Printer acquisition cost
  • Ongoing maintenance cost
  • Ink consumables (Printhead, ink cartridges, and ink waste collector).

Brand and Reputation

Choose a manufacturer with a good reputation for producing high-quality and reliable printers and with good customer support and service.

Now that you are aware of the tips for selecting a color-label printer, it is time to scout around for a suitable one for your business. VIPColor offers a range of printers starting at $3,495. They are

  1. Fast (prints 1000 labels in 10 minutes),
  2. It has a high resolution (up to 1,600 x 1,600 dpi)
  3. Uses large 200ml/250ml individual color ink cartridges
  4. Operates either directly from a laptop/pc or a network
  5. Low operating cost

To see if this is the right labeling solution, schedule a demo today by clicking HERE.