Add value to your businesses by adding color to your labels

Better sales with product packaging with better color scheme

The power of colors is just incredible. Different colors signify different things even if we don’t think about them consciously. Thus, it is essential that brand owners pick the correct color schemes that strengthen their brand image and convey the right message. According to the seven second rule, you only have seven seconds to make a good impression. To put it altogether, you only have seven seconds to convince them to like your brand and product and it all lies in your product packaging.

Let your color labels do the talking

Most of the information about your brand and the product can be pitched through the right choice of colors. Below is a list of colors and what they signify:

  • Red: Love, passion, energy, excitement, anger, hunger, danger, and style
  • Orange: Health, attraction, stand-out, youthful, happy, engaging, and visible
  • Yellow: Cheer, attention, childish, warm, energy, optimism, joy, friendly, and caution
  • Green: Soothing, eco-friendly, envy, money, balance, environment, safe, relaxing, and fresh
  • Blue: Trust, smart, calm, faith, stable, power, peace, and integrity
  • Pink: Tenderness, sensitive, caring, emotional, sympathetic, love, sexual, romance, and beauty
  • Purple: Royal, mysterious, arrogant, luxury, creative, sadness, wisdom, magic, and spiritual
  • Black: Bold, rich, power, mystery, elegance, evil, strength, sophisticated, and death
  • White: Fresh, pure, clean, hope, goodness, simple, and cool
  • Grey: Stability, security, strength, authority and maturity

Color psychology is an intriguing field that seeks to understand the way people perceive color. In order to appeal to customers and drive up sales, you could consider incorporating the art of color psychology in their product labeling.

Color provides information

Color labels have the ability to provide more information about the product as compared to monochrome labels. For example, the shoe labels adhered on shoe boxes are shifting towards color labels, especially for famous shoe brands. The reason is simple, color labels allow you to have colored images of the shoes inside these shoe boxes for better identification. By incorporating color labels on your product packaging, you can inform your customers about the appearance of your product without dismantling the packaging.

Print your own color labels

Another concern about color labels is the cost of producing color labels. The most affordable way to print colored labels is to get your very own color label printer. As compared to outsourcing your label printing, the cost per print is potentially cheaper if you bring label printing in-house. To find out more, simply request for a simple ROI report from us and we will be glad to help.

Furthermore, with your own color label printer, you can test out different color schemes in different shades of your intended colors! There isn’t a hard and fast rule to develop the perfect color scheme for your product labels, and the best way is to experiment. Here at VIPColor, we specialize in making an array of color label printers specially tailored for different labeling requirements.