Electrify vape juice sales with customized ejuice labels

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If you are in the vaping business, you should know that it is gaining so much popularity in the recent years. For all intents and purposes, vaping seems like a better alternative to smoking. Firstly, the odor from vaping is more pleasant as compared to smoking. Secondly, there are tons of flavors to spice up their vape routine. Thirdly, these e-liquids may also contain cannabis or nicotine to satisfy one’s addiction. With so many flavors and compositions e-liquids, you might find yourself struggling to obtain sufficient ejuice labels for all the flavors and compositions.

Therefore, we would like to introduce you to VIPColor’s VP750 color label printer! You could bring printing in-house to ensure the quality of your labels and enough quantity of labels for your sales.

Importance of ejuice labels

As mentioned earlier, these ejuices come in all kinds of flavors and compositions to appeal to their consumers. But how would your consumers know how do your vape juices taste like without getting a taste of them? Therefore, your e juice labels play a huge role in attracting your consumers and persuading them to buy your products.

Apart from the need to market your ejuice, there are labeling requirements put forth by the FDA to enforce the health warning requirements. By the compliance date of August 10, 2018, most tobacco product must include the warning statement on the package label.

Thus, not only do your vape juice labels have to appeal to your consumers but also approved by the FDA.

Vaporize your label printing issues with VP750

No more minimum order quantity and no more lead time involved when you bring label printing in-house! Not only will you get to enjoy lower cost per print, but also better quality prints as you get to be in control of the whole label printing process. All you have to do is to come up with the perfect design and hit the print button. Your vape labels will be generated instantly and your products are ready to be labelled and shipped.

VP750 has adopted an Enhanced Water Resistance Printing Technology that allows you to produce vibrant colored labels. The color labels produced are suitable for chilled beverages and most moisture exposed products. It also has an amazing print resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 dpi so you will get the perfect labels for your products.

Apart from the exceptional water resistance printing, this industrial label printer allows you to print your labels fast. At an amazing speed of 12 inches per second, you can respond to all your labeling needs almost instantly. Say yes to changes in flavors and surges in demand to secure your customers!

Have a feel of what VP750 is capable of by requesting for free samples. We will be happy to help you with your labeling needs!