Why choose an inkjet color printer over other types of technology?

Depending on your business needs and requirements, an inkjet color label printer may be better than the thermal transfer and laser printer. And here is why, High-quality printing: Inkjet color label printers produce vivid colors and sharp prints, which are essential to prime product labels.  Versatility: Inkjet color label printers can print on a wide […]

From Compliance to Customization: Why Medical Device Manufacturers Should Consider In-house Label Printing

As a manufacturer of medical devices, you understand the importance of accurate, up-to-date product labeling. Incomplete or outdated labels can lead to severe consequences, including regulatory fines, product recalls, and patient harm. In-house label printing is a solution that can help you avoid these risks and reap numerous benefits for your business. Here are 9 […]

Why are small businesses shifting away from pre-printed labels?

Color label printers are gaining popularity among small businesses in recent years because they offer options and flexibility over pre-printed labels. Business owners may have several reasons to complain about pre-printed labels, Lack of customization Pre-printed labels typically have fixed designs, sizes, and shapes. Limited flexibility When modifying product information (ingredient lists or barcodes), necessitates […]

What are the costs of operating a color-label printer?

When it comes to operating a color label printer, there are a few key cost drivers that you should be aware of, Printer acquisition cost Label stock cost Ink consumables cost Printer acquisition cost. Your upfront investment. Generally, an inkjet color label printer will cost less than a laser printer.  What should you consider when […]

Ten frequently asked questions that will help you decide on your next color label printer purchase.

In our years of marketing our printers, these are the ten most frequently asked. What is the resolution of the printer? What is the maximum label width that the printer can handle? How fast can your printer print? What types of label materials can the printer handle? Can the printer print on any label material? […]

The six types of labeling that a color label printer can help your business. Some may come as a surprise.

Color label printers are applicable in all industries. Here are some of the most common applications; Product labeling: Color label printers are popular in food and beverage, chemicals, and dietary supplement because of their broad product range, small production batches, and mandatory regulatory compliance that characterize these markets. The high-quality printing capabilities of color label […]

Five myths about color label printers?

A few myths about color label printers are not entirely accurate. This a compilation of the top five myths, Myth 1: Color label printers are expensive. Fact: While some color label printers can be expensive, many budget-friendly options on the market are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The cost of color label printers has […]

You need to know seven things about using the correct label stock for your color label printer.

Selecting the correct label stock for your color label printer is important That ensures that your prints are high-quality and durable. Here are seven considerations, Material: The label material must be compatible with your color label printer. The most common label materials include paper, polyester, vinyl, and polypropylene. You need to select a material that […]

How to choose a color label printer like a professional

These are your seven tips for selecting a color label printer,  Printing volume Consider a high-speed printer if you need hundreds or thousands of labels daily. Entry-level color label printers typically cost between $1,500 and $3,000. They are usually 6-12x slower than higher-performance printers. Printers like the VIPColor VP700/600/500 series can print 1,000 4×3″ labels […]

The 5 benefits that a business realizes when they print their labels in-house.

The 5 benefits that a business realizes when they print their color labels in house

Most businesses began printing their labels in-house to save on outsourcing costs. However, they soon learned that there are many more benefits. Below is a list of benefits that our customers shared, Enhanced Visual Appeal Many modern printers can print high-quality labels at a resolution of 1,200 dpi (dot per inch) or more. VIPColor VP […]