Save the environment with QR code labels

The more you print, the more resources you need, the higher the cost. As such, you try to squeeze all the information you wish to convey to your consumers in the limited space but to no avail. Here’s a solution – QR code labels. The World Wide Web has provided us with a boundless platform to share information and many people are well-acquainted with it. All you need to do is to scan the unique QR code with your smart phone and it will direct you to its respective website.

The uses of QR code are limitless

You might be thinking “I scan the QR code label, got directed to the site, so what?” Below are some examples of how QR codes can help with your businesses.

Marketing and advertising:

Leave all the nitty gritty details on the World Wide Web and focus on generating a captivating image that’ll capture the attention of your target audiences. You could thus reduce the number and size of prints by doing so. Simultaneously, you get to know your target audiences as you get them to visit your web page. How is this so? You could analyze your web traffic and activities which in turn work as a feedback system for you. Firstly,you’ll find out more about the relevance of your website and products to your consumers from your site traffic. Secondly, you get to see what your consumers are interested in by looking into their activities on your site.

In essence, you get to interact more with your customers using such marketing and advertising schemes. You can even add a little human touch to it as you get to interact with them online. Give your customers what they want and increase your sales!

Instruction manual:

Good news as there is no need for printing hefty booklets of information with the use of QR codes. All instructions and directions can be consolidated and archived in a file or site that is shared online. Not only is this environmentally friendly as you get to save on your printing resources but also convenient for everyone. The cumbersome booklets are a hassle to transport given its weight and troublesome to store given its size. Hence, your consumers will gain access to these valuable information at the touch of their fingertips with the help of QR code labels.

Therefore, QR code labels are simple yet value-adding additions to your businesses. With that being said, maybe it is time for you to invest in a digital label printer that prints excellent QR code labels.

The digital label printer for your QR code labels

As QR codes are like the key to your site, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your QR code labels. Digital label printers produce sharper QR codes than thermal printers, thereby allowing them to be scanned effortlessly. With that, we would like to recommend you the best printers for QR code label printing purposes.

We would recommend the VP600 printer for small businesses.  What’s more, we’ve debunked the common misconception that small business are better off outsourcing the label printing activities in the previous post. VP600 is perhaps the best printer for small businesses and here’s why:

  • Within the budget of small businesses.
  • Cost per print is lower than pre-printed labels
  • Flexible printing – print a wide variety of labels
  • User friendly – label printer can be remotely configured through a web browser

We would recommend the VP700 printer for businesses of a larger scale, and here’s why:

  • Cope with high levels of demand with a rapid print speed of 12 inches per second
  • Lesser user intervention – More prints between cartridge replacement due to larger ink cartridge capacity
  • Flexible printing –  print a wide variety of labels
  • User friendly – label printer can be remotely configured through a web browser

Here at VIPColor, we design our digital label printers with an ergonomic touch. A special feature of our printers is the print-and-hold function. So while you’re pasting a label on your product, the printer will hold the newly-printed label. When you’re done, simply pull the newly printed label out of the printer and label the next item while the printer prints the next label. As such, your labeling process will be more efficient as this function allows our label printers to fit in labeling process seamlessly.

To know more about our printer, please contact us or even request for free samples.