Stand out in the food delivery market with custom food labels

Most restaurants often forsake the fact that food packagings and play a crucial role in their out-of-store dining experience. Many restaurants are now working with delivery service providers like Grubhub to deliver food to their customers with the rise in popularity of food delivery. Since your customers are miles away, a good way to differentiate your brand from your competitors is through labeling. Thus, you could differentiate yourself from your competition by bringing your restaurant’s personality to your customers with well-designed custom food labels.

Importance of food labels

The food labels contain so much information that ensures that the quality of the food is preserved when taken out. For example, heating directions and when the food should be consumed by. Your restaurant’s reputation is at stake as the taste and quality of the takeouts are crucial to the whole out-of-store dining experience.

You food labels are crucial in ensuring that the right dishes are sent to the right customers. And you could do so by having simple information like the name of the dish and your customer’s address printed. Furthermore, customers are more well-informed about health and nutrition these days. Hence, they would appreciate additional information like allergens notices or ingredient lists.

You might notice that these essentially involve on-demand label printing and so you would require your own digital label printer.

Getting your own digital label printer

You deserve the label printer which will satisfy all your labeling needs and we have just the right printer – VP750. The VP750 is well-equipped with Enhanced Water Resistance Printing Technology which is suitable for most moisture exposed products. In addition, this avant-garde technology has the ability to produce vibrant colored labels. The fine prints on your food labels will be crisp and clear as the print resolution of this printer could reach 1,600 drops per inches.

Big orders? No problem at all! This color label printer can easily tackle your massive orders with a remarkable print speed of 12 inches per second. VP750 is also able to print food labels up to 8.5” in width to cater to all your labeling needs.

You could always feel free to contact us if you any queries about our printers and even request for free samples!