Sweeten up your sales with attractive candy labels

It is love at first sight for candy consumers.

Take a walk down the candy aisle and you will be presented with an array of brightly colored candy packaging but which one will you choose? Chances are you would pick the one with the most attractive packaging. It is to no surprise as the way candies are packaged is to appeal to customers and stand out from their countless competitors. This makes candy labels the main driver of sales.

Statistics have shown that U.S. retails the highest volume of candies. The U.S. candy market is massive with many competing brands. Thus, it is important that you have an attractive candy label to gain a bigger market share.

Candy is no fun at all when it is not safe for all

Candy should be a treat for all but unfortunately not for those who are stricken with food allergies. According to the Food Allergy Research and Education organization, 15 million Americans have food allergies. Thus, confectioners have to make sure that they clearly state the allergy warnings in their candy labels if the products come in contact with ingredients that might trigger an allergic reaction.

Ingredients to a successful candy label

Apart from fun and safety, there are other factors that your consumers might also be looking out for:

1. New flavors – People are curious about new things. Hence, it is crucial that your spice up your candy label to spark you consumers’ interests and curiosities.

2. Limited edition packaging or flavors – The fact that these packaging and flavors are special and for a limited time only, some consumers might feel compelled to purchase them.

3. Seasonal packaging and flavors – For example, during Halloween, consumers are more likely to buy candies with flavors or packaging associated to Halloween.

4. Nutrition facts – The rise of education has resulted in a rise of educated consumers who are health conscious.

How to create a candy-licious label?

It is optimal that you get your own label printer and print your own labels. Why is that so?

1. You have control over your entire label printing process – You can change the designs and nutrition facts anytime you want to.

2. Your candy labels will never be limited to what you have ordered and what labels are left in the inventory – If you had outsourced your label printing before, you might have encountered vendors quoting a minimum order quantity even though you don’t need that many.

  • It is cumbersome to store the excess candy labels
  • Archived labels become obsolete with time due to the changes in market demands and FDA regulations.

3. you can get your freshly produced candies packaged and loaded for delivery without any delay – You can print candy labels on demand with your own color label printer. Label your candies once they are out of the ovens and off they go!

VP700 is the confectioner’s choice

The VP700 industrial color label printer is trusted by candy confectioners as seen from one of our satisfied user, Espeez Candy. It is no surprise why VP700 is the preferred choice and here’s why:

1. It prints at a rapid speed of 12 inches per second – The candy industry is confronted by high volumes of production. You will be able to label your candies efficiently with a high speed industrial label printer.

2. Amazing print resolution of 1,600 x 1,600 drops per inch – Your candies will be looking fine and dandy with these vibrant and crisp labels. Eye catching, fun, and attractive color labels, you name it!

3. An exceptional ergonomic touch – Print-and-hold function – This function allows the printer to fit into the labeling process efficiently and seamlessly. Let the printer hold the newly printed label as you are pasting a label on a product. When you are done, simply pull the newly printed label out of the printer and label the next item while the printer prints the next label. Easy and effortless!

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